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Yummy Milkshakes – Cooking Game Walkthrough

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carrot-cooking-game--1The objective of this Milkshake Cooking Game is to quickly find all the needed ingredients for the milkshake of your choice. Collect them, put them into the blender and make a tasty milkshake in a very limited amount of time!

Your Character:

You play as Chef Carrot! Your Carrot has worked very hard for this title so you need to fit the expectations!

How to Play:

controllers-carrot-cooking-game-1Use your keyboard space key and arrow keys to control your character.

  • Down arrow key will allow you to collect ingredients, remove ingredients and deliver the ingredients to blender plate.
  • You will need to press right and left arrow keys to walk around the kitchen.
  • Press down arrow key to jump – You will need to do a lot of jumping activity.

What Kind of Milkshakes Can You Make?

We have selected the 4 best milkshake recipes and delivered them to you and your chef carrot to make and enjoy!


The Four Milkshakes Are:

  1. Strawberry Milkshake
  2. Chocolate Milkshake
  3.  Banana Milkshake
  4.  Apple-Strawberry Milkshake

Level Guide:

First Level – Strawberry Milkshake Cooking

 The ingredients you need to collect to make a delicious strawberry milkshake are:


  1. Strawberries
  2. Milk
  3. Sugar
  4. Ice

You have many other tempting ingredients on the shelves, but to make this healthy and tasty drink you only need the four items mentioned above.



  • Jump over the second level shelf and press “Down arrow ” key to collect it.
  • Go to the delivery plate, jump over it and press down arrow key again to submit the ingredient for blender ( Make sure you don’t press the down arrow key while you walk with the ingredient , this will turn it right back to the shelf).

If the ingredient you collect is the right one you will get points, and see it going inside your blender cup.

If it is wrong, you will get negative points. The ingredient will be returned to its shelf.

Do the same for the left ingredients:

Blender Action

Milk is located on the third level at the right side.

Sugar is the last ingredient you will need to collect, it is located in the high 6 level. Ice is located at the fourth level, at the left side.

After you successfully deliver the 4 required ingredients, you will see an arrow pointing to blender power button: push it.

If you have enough time, you will see your blender in action and the yummy milkshake will be ready!

Helpful Tip:

Make sure you work fast, you only have two and a half minutes to make your drink!

The clock at the top of the screen will be a good indication for how much time you have left.

Banana Milkshake:

Ingredients are sugar, milk, ice and banana.


Where to locate the ingredients?


Find sugar at level 4 of your kitchen.

Find banana at level 5 of your kitchen.

Find milk and ice at the top right shelves!

Chocolate Milkshake:

Ingredients are:  dark chocolate cubes, milk, ice and sugar.


Where you find the right items?


Sugar is located at shelves – level 4;

Chocolate cubes, ice and milk at the top right corner of the kitchen.

Apple Strawberry Milkshake:


Strawberries, apples, milk, sugar and ice.


Kitchen search guide:


To make this recipe you actually have a choice if to take the easy road or to make some effort. You have 3 different milks you can collect located at different levels.

The easiest one located at level 2 the hardest is located at the top left corner.

Sugar and apples – located at level 3 of the kitchen.

Strawberries – located on the blue kitchen cabinet.

Ice – you will find it on the top right corner.

Don’t forget to press the power button and enjoy your milkshakes!

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