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Play What’s for Dinner -Free Cooking Games Online

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Cooking Games for Kids, Online Games

Play What’s for Dinner -Free Cooking Games Online

What’s For Dinner is a cooking game master piece. After achieving success in this online cooking game you are very likely to master the real kitchen as well.

The Game Play:

This cooking game offers its player the full cooking experience. It all starts with the meal idea, then the pantry, continues to the real kitchen action and ends with table service.

Once you pick the meal to cook you are presented with the recipe that includes the required ingredients and cooking instructions.

After you read the recipe you can press the “do this recipe” button and start the game.

What is on the Menu?

There are 7 different recipe options for dinner. You can practice making each of them. The options are:

1. Mushroom soup

2. Spaghetti Carbonara

3. Caesar Salad

4. Pollo Pizza

5. Salmon with Chips

6. Mushroom Risotto

7. Greek Salad

The Pantry:

First you get X seconds at the pantry. You need to find all the required ingredients and click on them to add them to your basket. The amount of time you get for the ingredients is different for every recipe.

Your first score is based on the amount of ingredients you are able to find in those X seconds and the amount of wrong ingredient you tried to pick up. At the end of this round you get few scores:

1. Time Score

2. Quality score

3. Stage skill rank

The stage skill rank is a verbal summary of how you did at this level. Your first attempts will probably end up with “Disaster” Score, but don’t give up. This gets easier after some practice.

Cooking Stages:

After you finished with searching for ingredients you get to cook. Cooking is separated into different stages as well. Each cooking stage is time limited. You get scores for how well you perform at each of the cooking levels. Similar to real life kitchen the possible cooking game stages are: Peel, Cut, Squeeze, Measure, Mix, Grate, Fry, Boil, Bake and Serve. Not every recipe involves all of the stages. The game will instruct you what you need to do. Each Level has X seconds and every action you make is tested for quality.

Cutting, Peeling and Squeezing:

Once you proceed to cutting, peeling or squeezing cooking levels, you will see arrows on the screen. The arrows simulate the action flow of your mouse. You need to click on the arrow circle and then follow the arrow to successfully cut, peel or squeeze your ingredient.


You get the measuring cup which you need to fill with ingredients based on the measurements in the recipe.

Grating :

You can see a block moving next to the grate. You need to keep you ingredient exactly on the block all the time to get a perfect score.

Boiling, Baking and Frying:

If you reached one of the boiling baking or frying stages it is time to watch the progress bar and instantly follow the instructions, You will need to turn on the equipment and add the early prepared ingredients in very specific time points.

Table Serving:

Once the meal is ready, you can click on the prepared dishes to fill the plate. Once you finished, you will get your total score which summarizes how well you did in every stage of the cooking, starting with pantry.

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