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You might think you are good at typing. You can only be sure at that after you master our typing games. To master typing games on our game portal you will need great spelling knowledge, fats fingers, fats reaction and good acquaintance with your keyboard.

Do you really know where each key located on your keyboard? Can you find the right keys in time of pressure? How fast you can type?

The Game Play

Most typing games focus on speed of typing, You need to type words very fast and not let them pop, explode or disappear from the screen. Spelling mistakes are not acceptable. The simpler typing games show you the words in their written format. The more difficult ones only display the pictures, you then have to think of a word and correctly type it. The second type of games is great for language learning as well.

Why Typing Games?

Word games genre in general is very popular among young and adults. Those games is a chance to show off how smart and educated you really are. Typing games in not an exception. Great spelling knowledge and fast typing are skills you can proudly show off.

Social Gaming

Invite your friends to our game portal. Play typing games with them. Beating your friends is really fun!