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Play Tiramisu – Free Cooking Games for Kids Online

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Cooking Games for Kids, Online Games

Play Tiramisu – Free Cooking Games for Kids Online

Learn to make Tiramisu cake in this fun cooking instructions game! Tiramisu game is an illustrated instructions game that will make you an expert in tiramisu cakes.

The Recipe:

Before trying to follow the instructions, it is a good idea to get familiar with the recipe. Click on the recipe button on the game menu screen. It will open a 7 page booklet that includes all the ingredients.

Game Instructions:

Once you get to the kitchen follow each of the tips. You have a time limit for each of the steps.

So What Ingredients You Need for Tiramisu ?

1. Eggs

2. Sugar

3. Mascarpone cheese

4. Espresso

5. Cocoa powder

6. Finger bisquits

For Cake Decoration:

1. Coffee beans

2. White chocolate curls

3. Chocolate curls

4. Melted chocolate

The Game:

Once you feel you are familiar with the recipe, click on the play button. You will find yourself in a nice and well equipped kitchen. Now follow the instructions to make the best tiramisu you can.

Instructions for the Filling:

1. Crack the eggs : you have a total of 6 eggs, crack and separate each into 2 bowls.

2. Add half of the sugar into egg yolks and blend.

3. Add mascarpone cheese to the yolks bole and blend.

4.Add the other half of the sugar to the bole with egg whites and blend.

5. Mix the two boles.

Instructions for Cake Assembling:

1. Deep the biscuits fingers into sweet espresso.

2. Arrange the espresso biscuits horizontally to form a layer.

3.Put the filling over and spread it evenly.

4. Deep another set of biscuits into sweet espresso.

5. Arrange a new layer, this time put the biscuits vertically.

6. Spread the filling over the new biscuits layer.

7. Spread cocoa powder.

Refrigerator State:

Put the almost ready cake into refrigerator for 2 hours.

Cake Decoration:

1. Cut the cake into nice pieces.

2. Add white chocolate curls, melted chocolate and regular chocolate curls on top of the cake piece.

Serve it to your loved ones!

Once you master the cake making skill you get to have a quiz about tiramisu. Show everyone what you really know about it!


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