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Play Super Type – Free Online Typing Games

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Play Super Type – Free Online Typing Games

Good Typing skills are required for almost any task now days. Super Type typing game’s goal is to develop fast typing skills among kids and adults.

Like most typing games, Super Type will challenge you in different ways. It will test how fast you can take action, how familiar you are with the keyboard, how good your memory is and what your grammar abilities really are.

Since Super Type is all about typing, you need to type the word “Start” to begin playing the game.

Game Play:

You get 45 seconds for each game. You can see the time running out at the the top half of the game screen. The game starts relevantly easy and only shows you 3 letter words at first. Once you see a word you need to type it.  You get clues about upcoming words at the left side of the game screen.

Special Moves:

Each correct word adds score to your total score.  The games also counts chains of correct answers. Therefore if you type two words in a road correctly you will see 2 x combo icon on your screen. The chain lasts as long as you manage to type without misspelling.

Game Scores:

Each correctly spelled adds points to your score. Each next correctly typed word add more points. The farther you are in you combo chaining the more points you get for your correct typing.

Game Levels:

Super Type game adjusts the hardness level to the player. The game starts with the typing of 3 letter words. Only after you successfully type ten 3 letter words in a road you get to try and type 4 letter words. Once you get 10 x combo for the 4 letter word you get to type the 5 letter words and so on.

The Results:

After your 45 seconds time is up you get to see your results. You are judged for the amount of words you typed correctly, for the amount of typing chains and the amount of mistakes. All of the above are calculated into your score and the accuracy percentage.

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