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Sarah’s Office Slacking – Free Slacking Games Online

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Office Slacking Games

Sarah’s Office Slacking – Free Slacking Games Online

Sarah has a new job. But she really wants to do something less boring while she is at it. Help Sarah have fun while her boss isn’t looking!

Play one of the best slacking games.

Game Goal:

Your goal is to do all of the possible slacking activities in one working day without getting fired.

Office Slacking  How-To:

Use your mouse and keyboard to control all the activities in the game. Click on every activity and follow the task in it. The tasks are actually fun! Your working day time is displayed on the top right corner. Do each of the task while the boss ins’t there. Once you are done with the task it gets grayed out.

About Sarah:

Sarah is a young woman with lots of friends and a very active social life. She likes to have fun, go to restaurants, spend time at malls shopping and spending money on the fun stuff. She doesn’t like to work, but she kind of has to. She has lots of costly  habits and an expensive life style. She doesn’t like working and authority, she gets fired a lot. That is bummer, it is really hard to find a nice job where you have to do nothing in this economy.

The New Job

Sarah found this secretary job. Which is the closest to what she was looking for. It is close to home. Pays well and was supposed to be slacking friendly. However her boss is not as lazy as she was expecting her to be. She turned out to be very evolved in her workers activities and is walking around the desks all the time. She can do some slacking but she has to be really careful.

Sarah’s Slacking Options

– Hair Dressing

– Ironing For the Evening Date

– Sending messages

– Put Make-up

-Draw fun things

– Make Flower Arrangements

– Jewelry Fittings

How many can you do in one day without getting caught?


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