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Run Spirit – Play Endless Running Game on IOS

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114runspiritRun Spirit- All New, All Eco Friendly, Running Adventure Game for iPhone and iPad
Run for you life, there is really no other choice.
As one of the few survivals of planet earth, you can not any longer afford “life” as you knew it. Ecological crisis has occurred and it is up to you to keep what is left from your planet safe. Air is something you have to work for now. That means run fast and┬árun smart. Recycle bottles that come on your way. Be cautious and you might survive longer than others.


How To Play:

Swipe left and right when you see a turn on your runway. Swipe up to jump and avoid the barriers. Tilt your device to move from one side of the runway to another. Collect bottles by running over them. Recycle the bottles afterwords by running over big recycling plates on you runway (You’ll see them when you are on the run ­čÖé ). Pay attention to glass and plastic. Remember separation is good for the environment. And you need to do your best! Avoid stones, barriers and trains. Run on the margins is the only way to avoid the train.

Social Integration:

Post your screens shots and score to Facebook and Twitter with just a simple button tap.

Game Play:

Endless, randomized, addictive and fun.

Green Mission:

You goal is not just run but save your planet from ecological crisis. You now care for ecology and need to recycle in order to survive.

Hope you like the game! Reviews, comment and likes are very much appreciated.

Download and Play Run Spirit From the App Store Now

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