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Run Spirit Lite – Free Endless Running Game for IOS

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We present NEW endless running adventure for iPhone and iPad.

Game Includes:

  • Endless and Randomized Game-Play.
  • Awesome 3D Graphics.
  • Cool Character Power-Ups and Customizations.
  • Simple Swipe and Tilt Control.
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter Easy Sharing System.
  • Ecological Awerness
  • Lot’s of Fun
  • Addictive Hormons

Planet Earth has just experience an ecological crisis. Your only way to survive is to run and keep on providing yourself with air by helping your planet to recover. Run fast and recycle those are the two main rules of this endless runner adventure. How long can you survive?

Game Rules:

To Turn : Swipe left, swipe right (you can only turn when there is actually a turn).

To Jump: Swipe up.

Collect Bottles on the Runway: Tilt your device.

Fill Your Health Bar: You can refill your health bar by recycling the collected bottles.

Recycling Bottles: Run over green and blue plates to recycle the bottles you have already collected. Green is for glass bottles and blue is for plastic. Remember, separation is important when it comes to recycling.

Get Actual Coins: If you recycle more than your health bar requirements you get coins.

What are Coins For?

1.The more you get the richer you are and that is always a good thing.

2. With the coins you collected you can unlock customizable features at the character edit menu. There are some cool power ups there. Check them out.

Hope you like the game! Reviews, comment and likes are very much appreciated.

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