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Run Spirit Lite Was Just Released- It Is FREE, Fun and Very Addictive!

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Try the endless running ecological 3D adventure game for Free . Run Spirit Lite was just released and many adventurous players have taken runs  and achieved  some very impressive results. Like the full version of the game, Run Spirit Lite offers the adventurous players an exciting journey in a 3d underground environment. The planet is recovering from an environmental crisis and people have to live and run under very harsh conditions to stay a live. Collecting air and recycling plastic and glass is the main goal.

Run Spirit Lite is fully compatible with iPad ,iPhone and iPod touch platforms.

Facebook and Twitter support is fully  integrated in Run Spirit Lite. Share you scores and screenshots easily and let everyone know how green and fast you can get! Beat your friends!


Run Spirit also allows you to go social fast and easy. Share your scores and game screenshots to twitter and facebook. Let Everyone know how fast and and Green you truly are

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