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Roof Eco Activist – House Cleaning Game Walkthrough

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Roof Eco Activist game objective is to clean all the roofs on the street from trash and junk in a short amount of time.


You play as Carrot the cleaner, ECO Activist. You do your best to keep the environment clean and believe that dirty roofs are a serious pollution factor.


The game movement is easy to control. Just press the right and left arrow keys to run left and right. To jump hit space on the keyboard. No extra controls are used.



You play the game in exciting 3D environment. You jump over a variety of roofs and things that are on them.


General Tips:

  • You have limited time. You need to work fast to get the entire street of roofs clean.
  • There is a clock at the top left corner of your game screen. It will tell you how much time you have left. You will be surprised how fast time flies.
  • Be careful. There are gaps between some of the houses. You can easily fall, if you don’t pay attention. You can maneuver and stop yourself from falling.
  • Roof junk consists of trash bags and empty plastic bottles.  All of them have to be eliminated.
  • You need to jump over every junk item to clean it.
  • Some of the junk items are hard to spot.
  • Some items are placed very dangerously on the roof edges. Think how you can go about collecting it without falling.
  • If a trash item falls down you still get the points for it. You did your job as for cleaning the roof. The ordinary street cleaner activists will collect it.
  • The progress bar at the bottom of the game screen represents the cleaning state of the roofs on the street. It is a good indication for how much junk is still on the roofs.


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