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Press Release for Run Spirit – New ECO Running Adventure Game

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GameCarrot.com is proud to announce the release of their first environment friendly – action adventure game for iPhone and iPad- Run Spirit.

The game takes place in narrow tunnels surrounding what is left of the planet earth. Our planet is recovering from environmental crisis and all the survivals have to put all of their efforts and resources to improve the living conditions and stay alive.

Air is very valuable now days. You start your running journey as a survivor with a very limited air portion that drops fast as you keep on running. To refill your air dose you have to recycle glass and plastic bottles that pollute the tunnels you run in. By recycling more than your top air-bar limit, you can not only keep yourself alive, but also gain some coins that will help you improve your running conditions in the future.

Besides the hard air conditions , there are other obstacles you will have to overcome on your run. Pay attention to sharp turns, coming trains, barriers and stones.

The game is controlled by finger swipes which allow you to jump over the barriers and make sharp turns. Tilting the device enables movement along the train tracks .

The game is universal, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Run Spirit brings about many features, including : endless and randomized game play, integrated Facebook and Twitter sharing, customizable character add-ons and power ups.

Please visit GameCarrot.com for more information, including videos and screenshots of the game. On the website you can also find company information and other game related announcements.

About Game Carrot:

Game Carrot is a new independent game design and development studio formed in 2011 for the purposes of creating fun, beautiful, innovative, addictive and creative mobile and onlineĀ games.

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