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Press Release for Barrel Toss – Addictive 3D Challenge Game

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New Totally Free and Addictive  3D Challenge Game – Barrel Toss, hit’s the App Store!

iPhone and iPad game Apps section was just expanded by new GameCarrot.com’s release – New totally free, Barrel Toss – Addictive 3D Challenge game has been released on February 7th,2012.

Barrel Toss introduces you, the Player, to exciting and realistic 3D environment  with energetic game play. The goal of the game is to toss all the polluted barrels from the hangar as fast and as efficiently as possible. Hangar door are closing very fast therefore time management and good judgement will help you during your Barrel Toss journey.

The game presents you with 12 different levels with increasing difficulty. Each level consists of different obstacle sets which make it harder and harder to accomplish the main goal of the game.

Barrel Toss – Addictive 3D Challenge can be downloaded for FREE from every available App Store. The game works on  iPhone , iPod touch and iPad.

iPhone link :Barrel Toss – Addictive 3D Challenge for iPhone and iPod touch

iPad link : Barrel Toss –Addictive 3D Challenge for iPad

Please visit GameCarrot.com for more information, including videos and screenshots of the game. On the website you can also find company information and other game related announcements.

Game Carrot is a new independent game design and development studio formed in 2011 for the purposes of creating fun, beautiful, innovative, addictive and creative mobile and online games.

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