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Play Popstar Dentist – Free Dentist Games Online

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Play Popstar Dentist – Free Dentist Games Online

Popstar Dentist is one of those dentist games that brings you back to the dentist’s office. Only this time you are the one in charge.  This time you are the one using  all the scary instruments.

Your Patients:

There are 5 popstars outside your office. All of them waiting for you to make their smile beautiful again. You get to select which popstar you want to work with first.

How to Play Popstar Dentist?

Once the patient is selected. You continue the game at the dental office. You get to work with all the usual instruments dentists have in their offices. Each patient suffers from different dental problems. You need to find the correct tool to fix each dental problem and use it while the problem disappears.

Popstar dentist game emphasizes the emotion dental patients go through while they visit the dentist. Popstars like all the other patients are very sensitive to pain. So be careful and don’t make your patients suffer too much.

Different Dental Problems:

You need to be familiar with different dental problems like plague that causes tooth decay, gum disease, cavities and more.

Dentist’s Instruments for You to Work With:

On each dental session you get to work with 7 different dental instruments:

1. Tooth Brush – used to clean the teeth

2. Tooth Extracting Forceps – used to remove teeth that can not be cured

3. Drill Head –  used to cure cavities

4.  Scaling tool – used to remove plague from teeth and gum line

5. The Sickle Probe – used to examine the teeth and scrab plague

6. Mouth Washer

7. Air Tube

The Bonus Time:

Once you fixed all the teeth of you patients and your popstar has a beautiful smile again, you get to prepare him/her  for public appearance. Give your popstar some nice accessories to compensate for the pain at the dental office. Select a nice location and start a photo shoot.

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