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Play Dental Surgery – Free Dentist Games Online

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Play Dental Surgery – Free Dentist Games Online

Like most dentist games, this Dental Surgery game takes place at the dental office. You are in charge of the operation. To be successful at dentist career you need to learn how to fix different dental problems and which equipment used for every task.

Your Mission:

The mission of this dental surgery game is to extract unwanted dental material and implant an artificial tooth.

Your Patients:

The patient is James, a teenage boy who had an accident while playing baseball. Other doctors tried all other solution but it seems that surgery is the only good option at his condition.

Dental Equipment:

While playing this dentist game you will get familiar with lots of different dental equipment and will learn why and when each of them is used. During the surgery you will use: drills, scalers, ratchet drivers, positioners, crowns, temporary prostheses, impression treys, numbing gels, impression cups and more.

Before the surgery :

You need to take x-ray shots of the jaw bone before you start the operation. To do that you need to start by placing the positioner in your patient’s mouth and then use the X-ray Camera to take the shot at the right place.  If the bone turn out to be healthy the operation can be performed.

The Surgery :

1. Inject local anesthetic at the area of the damaged tooth. This injection will make sure James will not feel pain during the surgery.

2. Remove the damaged tooth: use dental elevator and forceps.

3. Suck away the blood and wash the mouth.

4. Drill a hall in the jaw bone.

5. Insert the implant.

6. Place a temporary prosthesis.

7. Make the model of the mouth.

8. Place the final prosthesis instead of a temporary one.

Game Rules:

You get negative points for every wrong move during the operation. You have a limited amount of mistakes that are acceptable for each surgery. You have 5 second to complete the hall process. You can the game  as a specialist or as an intern. If you play as an intern you get to have help during the operation. If you choose a professional game-play then it is all up to you.

Once you successfully complete you first dental surgery, you will get new game modes unlocked.

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