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Play Papas Cupcakeria – Free Online Cupcake Games

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Play Papas Cupcakeria – Free Online Cupcake Games

Papa’s Cupcakeria is a great representative of our cupcake games category. When playing this game you get to go through the hall process of working in a successful cupcake place. You get to learn how to follow instructions and pay attention to details. You will learn how to make the tastiest of cupcakes and how you can decorate cupcakes to give them even more delicious look. You will unlock new ingredients and become a real cupcake master.

Station 1  – The Order Desk 

Your cupcake job starts right here. You meet your customers and listen carefully to  their orders. To be successful in this competitive business you need to make sure your client stays happy. Pay attention to the little details, which kind of cupcake cap your customer wants, what is the frosting he likes, how many cherries he wants on his cupcake and all the other little details that make a big difference .

Station 2- Butter Station

Once you get your order it is time for cupcake action. Butter station is your first stop on the way to make your delicious pastry.  You choose the cup that will hold your cupcake. Although this may seem as a non important step. Many customers will notice the difference. After choosing the cup you need to fill it with butter. There is a line on the cup that indicates how much butter you should put in. Too much or too low will influence your cupcake’s  look and taste.

 Station 3 – Bake Station

Not too much to know here. Drag and drop you cupcakes to the oven. Wait until the timer bar is full and take your cupcakes out.

 Station 4 – Build Station

This is the most fun part. Your pastry is almost ready. Now you need to follow your client’s wishes and decorate the cupcake so it will have all the desired ingredients. Add topping, chocolate, candies and cherries. Try to make the most beautiful cupcake you can with those default ingredients. Your customers will appreciate your efforts.

Station 5 – Delivery

Once you fill you are ready. Drag the order to the green menu and deliver your cupcakes to the client. You can see his/her reaction and the score he/she gives to your product. The more he likes your cupcake the bigger of a tip he is going to leave.

Besides cupcake making you also get to participate in different cupcakeria’s activities and win prizes and bonuses.

Have fun!

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