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Besides having a great selection of online games you can play on your computer, we design and develop mobile games . You can follow the links and download the games from the App Store to your mobile devices. We will update the game lists with new published games in the future. Download and Enjoy Game Carrot creations on your smart phones!



Snow Crush

Crush Snowball faces by matching 3 of them in one shot. This winter spirit Game is addictive and challenging. How long can you keep your game rolling? There are six different snowball . Don’t be fulled by the funny looking faces. This game is tougher than you might think.




Penguin Mania

Were you looking for fun , addictive ,challenging  and multi-level mobile Game? Penguin Mania is exactly what you were looking for. Shoot Penguins  from the board, Make matches of 3 and clear  the level. The faster you clear it the better. Each level is getting harder : your penguins start moving faster and more of them start to appear. Show everyone Who is the Master of Penguin Mania.




Snowman Workshop

Snowman Workshop offers you a unique game play that includes different stations to keep you occupied . You get to throw snowballs, make appealing snowmen and even send greeting cards.  To make your own snowman go through the different boards of the game and customize the snowman so he suits your taste. Once you are done you can use him to create a variety of winter greeting cards for your friends and family. Once you are tired from customizing and decorating you can go outside and throw snowballs at the sliding snowmen. Have Fun Playing Snowman Workshop on your Mobile Device.




Gift Catch Saga

Winter is the time for gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts? You need to get control of your snowman and slide through the yard to get as much gifts as you possibly can. Don’t get the gifts and candy canes  touch the ground. Play Gift Catch Saga On your Mobile Device.




Run Spirit Lite

Play Free Challenging 3D Endless running game on IOS. You start your running journey at the underground tunnels. You planet just went through ecological crisis. You are one of the few people who managed to survive. You need to help your planet and save yourself. Recycling is the way to go. You need to collect plastic and glass bottles thrown underground , separate them and deliver them separately to the recycle stations . The more you recycle the more air you get! Your life depends on it!




Funny Drive Lite

This is a free version of the endless 3D driving adventure game Funny Drive.  The Game Takes Place on the colorful roads of funny town. You play the role of the intruder who has lost his way and started driving against the rules. Save yourself and your  fellows. Drive! Drive! Drive!




Santa Slide

Fascinating and colorful Christmas 3D Sliding Game -Santa Slide. Play the role of Santa and slide through towns to deliver gifts and candy. Be careful and protect your little elf’s and snowmen from your sliding habits. You can Select which town you would like to slide through and the slide you will use. Have Lots of Christmas Fun  and Spirit.




Run Spirit

This is the full version of the free Run Spirit Lite endless running game. You just survived an ecological crisis and need to run and recycle to get air . Collect glass bottles and deliver them to the green recycling stations on your way. Collect plastic bottles and deliver them to the blue recycling stations. Recycle the right way, you have no other choice.




Funny Drive

Funny Drive Game Takes place at the Funny Town Village where you need to watch your driving habits and save yourself from crashing anyone. This is a full version of the known and loved Funny Drive Lite .




Barrel Toss – Addictive 3D Challenge

You need to throw all the barrels from the hangar before the doors are sealed.  You have a very limited time and limited amount of shots. Think before you shoot! The game is based on real physics engine and requires logic and skill.