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Help dental patients save their beautiful smiles. Play dentist games and take active part in curing teeth and gums. Learn about dental tools and what each of them is for. Get to know the new treatments dentists can offer. Never be surprised by a dentist again!

What are Dentist Games All About?

In most dental games you take the role of a dentist or other authority position in the dental office. You need to help your patients take care of their teeth. Your tasks will include: examining teeth, brushing teeth, removing cavities, removing plaque, replacing missing teeth, working on gums, inserting implants, putting on braces, making X-rays and more.

Why People Like Dentist Games?

As weird it may sound people love playing dentist games despite they hate going to the dentist’s office. The main reason for that is probably that in the dentist games you are the one in charge of what is going on. You are holding all the cards and decide which instruments to use and which teeth to touch. It is the complete opposite of what is going on in real life and that does it’s magic.

Who Plays Dentist Games the Most?

Anyone who ever had any dentist office experience will love playing dentist games. It is especially fun for kids who have so much to learn about healthy teeth and the importance of keeping them clean.
Playing dentist games is awesome! Don’t forget to brush your teeth the right way at least twice a day.