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Play Master Juice – Free Online Cooking Games

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Carrot Games, Cooking Games for Kids

Play Master Juice – Free Online Cooking Games

Master Juice online game presents you with opportunity to provide juice to lots off little juice planet’s citizens.

The Mission:

You start your shift as an owner of a juice making stand. Your working shift lasts for only few minutes and you need to provide juice to as many clients as you can.


This game is a mini version of a larger scale game being developed right now by Game Carrot. The full version will also focus on juicing and provide more functionality, interaction, variation, levels, social connections. The larger scale game will be available on both web and mobile platforms.

The Game Play:

To make your customers happy you need to serve them juice that matches their order, quickly and flawlessly. The longer it takes you to make their juice the less satisfied they are with your service. Your clients wont compromise. They will not settle for an apple juice if orange juice was the one they requested.

The Profits:

Like in any real business you have profit to consider. Each mistake you make in juice making will cost you. If you take the wrong ingredients and need to trash them before you can start making the right juice. You will get negative points/coins. Each juice price is built of  the ingredients price together with the expected profit. How much money you can make selling juice?

Game Levels:

The XP bar on the left top side of the screen visualizes the amount of points you need to earn to pass to next level.  You can see what level you currently are at, by checking the juicy label right next to the XP bar.

The Process of Juice Making:

Making juice is simple: click on the ingredient – you will see it is added to the making shelf. Click on the juice maker and you will get a glass of juice with an icon on it. The icon on the prepared juice must match the icon on client’s order. To serve the juice just click on the client who ordered it.


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