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Lake Letters – Typing Game Walkthrough

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The Lake Letters typing game’s goal is to improve your typing skills. You need to type different words fast and without spelling mistakes.


Game Controllers:

The game has one appealing character. This is Carrot, the sailor. He is the one responsible for providing you with the words to type. As you will see when you start playing, he puts all of his power into moving the boat so you get your typing education. The faster you type the more motivation he gets.

No special controllers are needed for this game. It is all about typing and typing fast.


Game Environment:

We believe that every game has to be not only challenging and fun but also visually appealing. This typing game takes place in a calm and natural environment. There is a lake, green trees and great sunny weather. We hope this nature environment will give you the comfort you need to improve your typing and spelling skills.


Game Rules:

You have plenty of game levels.

  • Each level is 1 minute long – maximum time.  Perhaps you can do it faster?
  • Each level you get a different amount of words to type in a minute.
  • Each level has a theme. All the typing words are related to this theme.
  • The words appear one after the other on the sailing boat.  You don’t know how many words are in each level and what will those be.
  • Each word has its own max typing time, if you don’t have a correct typing answer by the end of this time word switching occurs.
  • You get points for every correctly typed word.


  • You get negative points for every misspelled or miss-typed word.
  • In case you manage to do the job fast enough, but still have some words you misspelled you will get few seconds to correct yourself at the end of each level.
  • You need to type the words into the input window at the bottom of the screen.

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