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How to Become a Video Game Tester at Home and Double Your Income?

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How to become a videogame testerIs It Possible to Become a Video Game Tester?

In a world fraught with changing norms, more and more people are opting for unconventional career paths. Have you ever wondered how to become a video game tester? In today’s world, people have to complete with advanced college degrees in order to get a high paying job. But the truth is, this professional path is not for everyone. Some of us would rather simply do what we love, and get paid a high salary for doing it.

Did you know that some video game testers have made over $70,000 in a single year? This is simply remarkable, especially considering that the average salary is less than this! In fact, some people with advanced degrees make far less than this! Being a video game tester is not a traditional means of making money. In fact, it is far from it.

Is This the Right Path for You?

Those who become game testers do not require any special degrees or qualifications. They simply love to play games, they follow the guidelines designated by the video game corporation, and they dedicate at least three hours per day to playing games. This is especially beneficial to those who have not pursued conventional paths of education. Some people have simply not graduated from college. Others specialize in trades that do not require college, or they acquired their experience through hands on training in their profession. It is undeniable that in the professional realm, an individual without a college degree will face many obstacles, and this alone prevents people from achieving the financial freedom that they desire. But, people should not be constrained by limitations, and neither should you!

Some people may be wondering if this is the right route for them to take. Before you proceed, ask yourself a few questions. Do you enjoy playing video games for leisure purposes? Do you have great hand eye coordination? Do you dislike conventional work atmospheres? And finally, do you want to increase your income in the comfort of your own home? If you answered yes to these questions, then this may be for you.

The beauty of earning a residual income through game testing is that you can work from home, and set your very own hours. If you want to know how to be a video game tester, the process is fairly simple. You simply visit becomeagametester.com in order to learn more details. With a simple sign up, you can begin earning a home based income in virtually no time. The best part about this is that the video game tester requirements are not rigorous at all.

What’s the Point?

Now, you may have your doubts about this. Why would video game corporations even fund this? What do they get out of it? In all honesty, video game corporations benefit more from paying people to test their games, than the people being paid. This is because when someone serves as a paid tester, they can point out potential glitches and other errors along the way. If a game is released and contains a simple glitch, something like this can drastically affect both the company’s branded image and the sales of a particular game. For this reason, the video game tester salary can be fairly high, depending on the number of games they play, as well as the duration of time they spend playing them.

How to Get Started?

If you are truly serious about getting started as a professional game tester, there are a few vital steps that you must take to realize your goals. Did you know that if you play these company sponsored video games for just 3 hours a day, you can achieve a sizable income? One particular tester raked in a total of $70,000 in a single year, from 24 different video game companies. He literally sat on his couch, and earned more money than many people in the general population. If you combined this with your current work income or even chose this as your sole source of income, imagine what you could do. Three hours of work per day would help you allot time to other endeavors, including socializing, travelling and hobbies.

As a video game tester, you will be able to cover your rent, bills and living expenses, work from home, get paid from popular companies, keep as many games as you would like, access all hidden codes, and you can solidify connections with very important professionals in the gaming industry.

Video Game Tester Requirements

Get paid to play video gamesThere are three major requirements to successfully become a video game tester.

Requirement #1

First, you have to be at least 15 years of age in order to get started, as there are age restrictions due to the level of maturity in some games.

Requirement #2

The next requirement is that you must have a computer on which you already play games, or a video game console such as a PS3.

Requirement #3

And finally, you must truly love video games.

When you are asked to fill out your work assignment sheet, here are a few questions you will be asked:

-What mode do you prefer to play- single or multi?

-How did this game perform?

-What age group do you think it appeals to?

-If you could improve anything about the game, what would it be?

-What do you think of the main game menu?

These are just a few questions that you may be asked during the gaming process. And what’s great is that these questions are not difficult at all.

The pay rate is excellent. If you work 28 hours per week, you can earn up to $700 a week, or $2800 per month.

If you really want to maximize the amount of money you make, then you can simply purchase the becomeagametester.com sponsored book “Become a Game Tester Formula”. This book will teach you how to compose a brilliant resume, one that will make gaming companies scout for you and your testing skills. Furthermore, you will learn how to find gaming companies close to you, and how to reach the right people.

A large, residual income can amount to grander opportunities, more financial security, more vacations, and a better life overall. Alleviate yourself from the struggles of life, pursue your truest passion, and become a video game tester.

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