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Play Hotel Baron- Free Business Simulation Games Online

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Play Hotel Baron- Free Business Simulation Games Online

Hotel Baron is a real hotel business simulation game for you to master. Build your business from nothing and see how great a feeling of success can be. Do what you love and deliver fantastic service and accommodations  for your customers. Remember that happy customer is a returning customer. So if you want to make a long prospering business you better make your clients happy. Don’t think of hotel baron like a business simulation treat it as if it was your real business.

Game Modes:

You have 3 possible game modes :

1.  Campaign – this where the real business rules are. You get 25 different missions you need to focus on in order to build a successful hotel business.

2. Scenario- you get 8  different scenarios. Work to achieve your goals in those presented scenarios.

3.  Practice – in this game mode you have no limitations. You can just build the hotel you like. No extra considerations are required.


Select a location for your hotel: make sure you learn what is unique about every area. Remember that this decision has a tremendous effect on the success of your business. Each area has a different traffic around it, employees get different salaries, and you have different crime percentage. These and other factors influence tourism and therefore have a direct influence on your future hotel.

Building Process: 

– Start by naming your hotel. You want it to become a brand so make a conscious decision.

– Enter your  starting price.

– Now you get your first mission. Build the hotel stated in your mission. Use right materials, make sure your building has the right amount of floors. Decorate the garden and hire people who will help you deliver great service to your guests.

Start Small

You will have lots of building material options. Not all of them you can afford. Start with the ones that fit your budget you will be able to unlock the more expensive ones later. Select your stuff carefully, they ask for different salaries and deliver different qualities of works.

Start Making Money

Once you build the building and hire the right stuff you can open your business to guest and get some money for your hard work.

Profit Strategy

You set the price in a very initial state of your business. You can now make changes to it and see what pricing strategy works best and gives you most profit. You can also see how many stars your hotel get and make improvements to different areas. Getting better rated hotel will help it be more profitable.

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