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Game Designer Jobs – Powerful Career Options and Opportunities

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Game designer jobs

The Game Design Market: Is This a Growing Field?

Realistically, how viable is the job market for today’s game designers? Game design internships and game designer jobs may seem like an obscure subject matter, but this niche market is actually growing more rapidly than ever. The role and importance of game designers is clear. The technological landscape is evolving, and new consoles are being introduced to the world, each possessing its own technological features. As technology advances, so do game design techniques, and schools that cater to this discipline are well aware of this.

In order to thrive in this particular field, you must fulfill video game designer requirements. Video game designers play a unique and multidisciplinary role in their field. Not only are they required to have powerful, boundless imaginations, but they must understand the most intricate elements of a game, as well as graphic design, animation, computing knowledge, and much more. Those who pursue game design must be intently knowledgeable of computer science, because computer code serves as the prerequisite to creating graphical displays.

Many people throughout the world are simply enamored with video games as a whole, and dream endlessly about what they could do to systematically change the face of the video game world. Perhaps you are wondering if this particular career field is for you. The game designer job description, as noted, is a complicated one. And sometimes, the pay is not commensurate with the level of dedication and expertise that is required to have such a career. The video game designer job description cannot simply be reduced to the concepts of graphics and computer code. You need to have an integrative mindset in this field, one that can make vast, sweeping connections, one that can connect the dots. As intricate as video games are, they require that one see the whole picture, not just single variables.


What Are the Benefits to Becoming a Game Designer?

There are a number of advantages to creating your own video games. If you truly love video games, becoming a video game designer will afford you the opportunity to do exactly what you love. When you become a video game designer, you must live video games, breathe video games, and understand all of their intricacies. But although this field encourages the use of your creative faculties, it does impose limitations on what you can do.

To most, the video game designer salary is not impressive. A game designer salary ranges between $50,000 and $80,000. Furthermore, the starting video game developer strategy is around the realm of $37,000. Although the starting video developer salary seems meager, when you consider the heavy work demands of a game designer, the career is rewarding, especially when there is a finished product. However, you have to be very passionate about this field in order to tolerate the demands. Conversely, a game programmer salary may be somewhat higher, but this is another field that requires less of the imagination and more technical specifications.

3 Steps to Become a Successful Game Designer

If you are truly determined to become a video game designer, there are a few critical steps that you must follow.

Step #1

The first step is to make the decision to become a video game designer in the first place. Before you make this conscious decision, you must remind yourself that individuals in this industry are sometimes underpaid, and given less recognition than they deserve. However, this dynamic does not always apply to the career of a game designer.

Step #2

The second step to pursuing this career field is to mentally take note of all of your natural and learned skills. This career field requires a firm grasp of creativity, computer science, animation and software development, as well. If you feel confident in each of these fields, then you are onto a great start. If you feel confident in all of these skills except for one, then consider mastering that skill.

Step #3

After you have determined your overall skill level, the next step is to research institutions that provide game design curriculums and degree programs. Always ensure that the institution you choose is a regionally accredited one that covers all necessary bases. Once you are enrolled in the right institution, you may consider signing up for an internship or apprenticeship program. This will allow you to apply your skills in a pragmatic fashion, so that you can fully experience the career world before entering it.

Is It Worth to Consider Becoming a Video Game Tester? 

Game designer requirementsIf you wish to solidify your skills even further, consider becoming a video game tester. Video game testers are paid to play video games for a designated number of hours. Their job as video game players is chiefly important in the field of entertainment, because they essentially screen games from visual or technical glitches, and they assess and rate their overall experience while playing the game. Video game testers allow video game corporations to perfect a game prior releasing it to the general public. Another critical aspect associated with this is that it can help you in your pursuit to become a video game design expert.

When you test video games, you become more acquainted with the manner in which animations are laid out, how animations move, as well as the stories that are interwoven into the plot. Testing out video game makes you more aware of what makes a video game appealing to those who play them.

Is this field right for you? To answer this question, you must first indicate your relatively level of passion for the field. Are you willing to start off with a fairly low initial salary? Chances are, you will be able to work your way up to a better salary. However, you must be willing to make sacrifices at first, and accept the possibility of not being fully recognized for your work. If you can appreciate and cherish the process of creating an excellent video game over recognition and pay, then this career path is for you. You must also remain intently dedicated to refining your computer science, graphics, software and animation skills when you are training to enter this discipline.

This truly is a rewarding field if you are willing to grow in experience over time. Imagine being able to harness your creative and technical faculties, and to translate your ideas into tangible realities.

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