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Play Funny Drive on IOS – Endless Cartoon Drive

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funnydriveFunnyDrive is an endless 3D driving  adventure game  for you to enjoy. The game is funny and colorful. You play as a citizen of Funny Town who has totally lost it and broke the piece. You started driving against the flow. Your fellow citizens have no idea how to deal with such behavior so it is up to you to fix the situation. How long can you drive without crashing your car and injuring one of your friends?

Game Environments:

Funny Drive game action takes plays on the colorful roads of the funny drive town. You get to see lots of cartoon style houses and neighborhoods.

Game Characters:

You will fall in love in the funny drive citizens. They are the ones who you drive against. You are one of the clumsiest citizens funny drive town has.

Game Vehicles:

You can choose from a variety of different vehicles to drive with. You vehicle can determine your driving speed and affect your results.

The Game Play:

It is fun, amusing and addictive. You will want to play it over and over again. The controls are easy, intuitive and familiar. Just tilt your device to the sides to move between road paths. The longer you drive the faster you get. How long can you stay on the road without crashing?

Game Features:

You get high score which you can share. Try to beat yourself and your friends.

Social sharing is piece of cake, just click on the share button to post your results on twitter or Facebook. You can also post some game-play screenshots.

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