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Play Fashion Girl – Free Online Designing Games

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Play Fashion Girl – Free Online Designing Games

Designing games are great way to express your creativity. Fashion Girl is one of those designing games that lets you showoff your fashion style.

Required Skills:

You don’t need any special technical skills to play this fun free online dressing game. Good fashion sense can be handy but you can also develop it while playing. If you liked playing dolls this is a game you will love.

How to play?

You get a virtual 2D model which you can dress as you like. She has an important photo shoot and is depending on your fashionable dressing skills to make it a success.


Your first designing decision is about hairdressing. You get to choose between six different fashion forward haircuts. Three short haircuts and three long ones. Decide whether you want your model to be blonde, brunette, red head or perhaps you will give her a bolder look?


After you decided on the best haircut it’s time to start dressing your model. You get to choose from a large variety of dresses, shirts, blouses, shorts, pants and skirts. You get to decide which look your model will go for. It might be an evening ware, casual style, athletic style or something in between.

 Accessories :

Once the model is dressed, it is time for the most fun part. Start with selecting the right  accessories for your model. You can decide which purse she will carry, what earring she will wear. You get to choose her bracelets  and necklaces. You can even give your model a hat or  a bow. Everything depends on your designer’s choices and your fashion sense.


The last part of your designing round are the shoes. Shoes have a major stylish importance and can really affect the entire look of you model. All the shoes you get to choose from are high heels, yet there is a lot of room for your designing input.

 The Photo-shoot:

Once you feel your model is fully dressed and has a fashion forward look, you can click on the show button and enjoy the photo-shoot.


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