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GameCarrot HELP/FAQs

1.  Can’t Play the Games on Your Website, What Can Be the Problem?

We have two major types of games on GameCarrot portal.

  • A. Flash Games :

To play flash games you need to have flash player installed on your computer.

  • B. Unity Games :

To play Unity games you need to have Unity Web Player installed on your computer.
The first time you run a Unity game you might be asked for permission to run it. Click on: “Always Run on this site” .

2.   What is Unity Web Player and Why Do I Need It?

Unity Web Player is the player that enables you to view high end games developed in Unity game engine. Many of Unity games have impressive 3D graphics, animations and physical interactions that are not available in ordinary flash games.

Some of the games on our website are Unity games which we really encourage you to try. Unity is game engine that has shown an incredible growth in popularity. Most of our own games are developed with this engine.

You will only need to install Unity Web Player once to play all the unity games.

3.  Where Can I Get Unity Web Player ? 

You can download it directly from the secure Unity website : https://unity3d.com/webplayer.  It will only take a minute to install it!

4. Can Unity Web Player Harm My Computer?

No, it can not. It is a simple and harmless web software.

If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to use our contact form to contact us directly.