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Play Dress Up Time – Free Online Designing Games

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Play Dress Up Time – Free Online Designing Games

Dress Up Time is fashion design game that takes you through the journey of dressing up a model in a short amount of time. You get all the time you need to choose a preferred design combination. Unlike other fashion games this unique dress up game also challenges you with time limited mini assignments to see if you can apply your designs fast and accurately.

Step 1 – The Make-up:

Game starts with you showing your make up aesthetics.  You get to choose the skin color, lipstick color, eye shadows, lenses and eyeliner type. Once you made your selection, you get to go forward to a mini game in which you need to click through your model’s face very fast to apply the makeup . You have to be very thorough and fast unless you want your model to end up with makeup stains all over her face.

Step 2 -The Hair:

Once you finished with the makeup, you can start deciding on the haircut style and color for your model. After you make your choice, press on the continue button and a new Mini Game will start. This time you need to be a super fast hair dresser and learn to use a hair drier in the most efficient way.

Step 3 – The Clothes:

Hopefully by know your model had a descent makeup and hair appearance. Now it is  time for choosing the outfit. Decide whether you want your model to wear pants and a t-shirt, a dress, or perhaps it is a good time for a skirt. You have lots of clothes to choose from. Once you feel you are ready to continue you will be forwarded to the third mini game. This time is time to show how fast you can iron! It might be  tricky.

Step 4 – The Accessories:

You are now ready to accessorize your model. Chose the earrings, necklace, rings and bracelet that best match your model’s style. The Final Mini game to complete your design will be a “try to find” Mini game. It is important to remember the accessories you selected for your model to be able to find them among tens of others.


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