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Play Doctor Crush – Free Medical Games Online

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Play Doctor Crush – Free Medical Games Online

Welcome to Doctor Crush! Our unique medical game with the familiar and loved match three game mechanics.  This medical games representative  is fun, challenging and addictive!

The Medical Board:

You are presented with a medical board that consists of appealing doctor and patient emoticons. That is your medical environment. You are responsible for your patients and doctors! Patients need to be healed and doctors need their rest time.

Game Rules:

You need to switch the emoticons around the board to find the best matches and combinations. The minimal requirement is a match of three emoticons of the same type.  Once you match 3 medical emoticons you get to heal them and remove them from the board.

The Boosters:

If you are able to make a special combination and match more than three fellows, great things can happen at your medical board. If you match four patients or doctors in a row you get the Medical Row Booster. If you match four of them in a column then you get the Medical Column Booster.

If you use the medical column booster in one of the next matches you get to help the hall column of you medical station. Same goes for the medical row booster. The entire row of patients and doctors will find a way out of the medical board.

Doctor Crush can offer you even better miracle boosters  – The Red Cross Medical Pack. Once you got this pack, you can really practice great healing. All the emoticons you exchange the “red cross pack” for, will be healed.

Doctor Crush Goals:

Every game level has a defined target score! You can only perform a certain amount of moves to get to it! Each level has a new target. You will need lots of skill and practice to get higher in your medical boards. It is your time to shine and show how good of a medical surroundings you can create!

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