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Doctor Crush – Medical Game Walkthrough

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Doctor Crush medical game’s objective is to let as many doctors and patients out of the medical board in a given amount of moves.

Game Rules:

The game is a match three game where you need to match at list three doctors or patients in a row or a column to pop them, get points and let the patients/doctors out of the medical board.

If you manage to match more than 3 doctors or patients in one row or one column you get boosts and some special popping effects.

Each level you get a limited amount of moves and a score target. You can see the score target of each level at the top left corner of the game screen. You can know how many move you have left by checking the bottom right corner from time to time.

If you don’t succeed in getting the score in the given amount of moves you lose. If you succeed you get to go to a new level.

The target becomes higher in every level and therefore each level becomes more difficult.

Strategy and Tips:

Try to focus on creating bigger match combinations. Once you get a bigger combination and a boost, the next match gets you much more points and therefore you become much closer to your level’s goal.

Medical Board:

Your medical board consists of six types of doctor and patients icons:

Doctor Icons in medical board:

    Screenshot_4  #1  The Therapist

  Screenshot_5   #2 The Surgeon

     Screenshot_3 #3 The Nurse

Patients in medical board:

Screenshot_6 #1 Car accident patient

Screenshot_8  #2 Patient after a fight

Screenshot_7 #3 Hygenist patient


Matching 4 in a row gives you a Row Booster that you can use to eliminate the entire row later on:

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2



Matching 4 in a column gives you a Column Booster that you can use to eliminate the hall column later on:





Matching 5 in a column or in a row will give you a magic boost that will enable you to eliminate the hall icon from the board.

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