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Cupcake Crush – Cupcake Game Walkthrough

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The main goal of the Cupcake Crush game is popping the same cupcakes in rows and columns and getting the desired popup target result.


Cupcake Crush Rules:

Cupcake crush game works by the rules of traditional match 3 games. You need to move cupcakes from one place to another. You need to make sure that every move ends up in a minimum of 3 cupcakes match. If it doesn’t, the move will not be possible.

You have a limited amount of moves to achieve a score target indicated in every level. You can see what it is at the bottom right corner of the screen. The bottom left corner has an indication for the number of moves you have left for the current level.

The more levels you pass, the higher becomes the target score and the harder it gets to achieve it.

You have a total of six different cupcakes in a game.


You can try and create more powerful matches.


Create a match of four cupcakes in a row and you will get special cupcake that is a row booster.


Screenshot_11Create a match of four cupcakes in a column and that will give you another special cupcake which is a column booster.


The boosters are very valuable. When they are used in a correct match, they eliminate the entire row or column of cupcakes.

Another very special cupcake that has a lot of cake power is a cupcake that is created as result of match 5. It does not matter if the matched cupcakes are in a column or in a row. As long as there are 5 of them you get the special cupcake and the power that comes with it.

Once you get the special cupcake, you can make any move you want with it. Even if there is no match in a result of this move. Once you make the move, all the cupcakes that match the look of the cupcake the magic was exchanged for will disappear.

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