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Computer Gaming Chair Quick Buying Guide

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Computer Gaming Chair

Casual gamers may scoff at the idea of buying a computer gaming chair, but hardcore gamers know the importance of a PC gaming chair. Veteran video gamers know that comfort is important when playing, and this could spell the difference between finishing a game or starting all over again.


There are different types of gaming computer chairs to choose from.

One popular type is the gaming rocker. This type of gaming PC chair is usually L-shaped, with its seat directly placed on the floor. Its arch allows the gamer to gently rock while seated, or just sit back while playing his favorite video game. Gaming rockers allow the gamers to sit as close to the monitor, giving them a better view of the action so to speak.

Then there is the gaming racing chair. As the name suggests, this type of video gaming chair is designed like a driver’s seat. It has pedals and wheels that provide users with a more realistic gaming experience. With this gaming chair, gamers can replicate the driving experience at home.

Another type is the pedestal gaming chair. The chair elevates the gamer off the floor, thus giving him or her a better view of the game being played. The pedestal gaming chair also allows the gamer to tilt and swivel when needed.


Shopping Guide

There are many things that a gamer would have to take into consideration when shopping for the best gaming chair.

Perhaps the most important factor is the system compatibility. No matter how comfortable the computer gaming chair is, it would be a waste of money if it is not compatible with the gaming console you use. The most popular gaming consoles are PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox, and most gaming chairs are compatible with these cool gaming chairs. Still, it won’t hurt if you immediately ask the salesperson whether the gaming chair you are interested in supports the gaming console you have at home.

Comfort is another consideration that gamers have to remember in shopping for gaming seats.  Gaming chairs are made of different materials like vinyl, mesh, polyurethane, and cloth. A comfortable gaming chair is made of fabric that allows the gamer to stay cool. Gaming chairs made of polyurethane may not be breathable but are easier to clean.

Comfort can also be provided by a cushioned seat. Since gamers spend hours sitting in a gaming chair, it is important the chair has a comfy cushion. It also helps if the gaming desk chair has an armrest.

The features of the gaming computer chair could also affect the buying decision of gamers. Some gaming chairs provide adequate storage for controllers and snacks, with pockets placed on the side enabling users to reach out for their things easily.

There are also gaming computer chairs that fold up easily for convenient storage. And some chairs have a vibrating feature that lets users to feel every impact of the video game they are playing.


Proof of the popularity of gaming computer chairs is the numerous models of PC gaming chairs available in the market.

The Emperor 200 Workstation of NovelQuest may just be the best PC gaming chair in the market today. Many gamers regard it as the ultimate game chair, looking more like a scorpion with three LCD monitors, a universal dock for PlayStation 3 and Apple devices, a webcamera from Logitech, plus a inch LCD for control of the workstation.

Integrated in this ergonomic gaming chair is a Windows PC that is powered by an Intel Core I7 processor, an nVidia GeForce 295 video card and storage of as much as 1.28 gigabaytes. Also included in this monster of a gamig chair are noise-cancelling headphones, a couple of USB ports and eSATA ports, all-leather recliner and a Blu ray player. The Emperor 200 Worstation comes in 14 colors and is sold at an average retail price of $40,000.

The 401 Driving Simulator from Force Dynamic could also lay claim to being the best PC gaming chair today.  It’s an ideal gaming chair for well-loved racing titles like iRacing, Live for Speed and even Super Mario Cart.

According to the manufacturer, what makes the 401 Driving Simulator a good buy is the way it facilitates rotation. Gamers can get clues from the rotation of the wheel, giving them a feel of certain situations like a car spinning out of control, or calculating the speed of a car on the road.

The 401 also features a projection screen, driving compartment, and a Hitachi projector with 1024 x 768 resolution. This gaming chair is sold between $60,000 to $70,000. While the price may be a bit high for most gamers, many gaming chair reviews say the price tag is reasonable given its impressive features.

Then there is the VRX Mach 3. This racing stimulator features three LCD Samsung 24-inch monitors plus a Logitech steering control system, driving pedals, and a tactile vibration feedback system. It also has a tactile power amplifier plus a digital surround sound system and LED lighting system. The VRX Mach 3 can support Windows computers and other gaming consoles like Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The last product that can challenge other gaming chairs for the title of the best computer gaming chair today is the Simulation F1 cockpit. This is a racing simulator that boasts of a seat styled like that of a racecar, including several motion actuators that provide a very convincing feeling of motion. It also has three monitors. The Simulation F1 cockpit is quite ‘affordable’ at an average price of $25,000.

Get the feeling of being in an actual F1 racecar with the Simulation F1 Cockpit. The simulator uses the D-Box Gaming Cockpit suspended on a kart frame. The cockpit includes a racecar-style seat, plus four motion actuators to give you a realistic feeling of motion as you speed down the virtual raceway. Pricing starts at $25,000 and includes three monitors.


There are lots of gaming chairs available that could appeal to gamers in terms of the price, features, compatibility and comfort. Gaming chairs complete any person’s video gaming experience. It’s not surprising that despite the prohibitive price of most of these gaming chairs, gamers still buy them.

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