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Cleaning Rush – House Cleaning Game Walkthrough

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Cleaning Rush, house cleaning game’s objective is to clean the house from all trash and dirt in a minimum amount of time. Your house consists of lobby, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. All the rooms have to be sparkling and have absolutely no sign of dirt.



You need to use 4 keyboard keys to have total control of the game:

  • Move Left :  Left Arrow Key
  • Move Right :  Right Arrow Key
  • Clean:  Down Arrow Key
  • Jump: Space Key



carrot-house-cleaning-carrot-characterYou play the main and only visible character at this game:

Tidy Carrot

You were hired as a fast cleaning service provider!



The game takes place in a 3D house environment.

The house has five rooms in total:



Living room:









General Tips

  •  Pay attention to the clock at the top of the game screen. You may feel like you have a lot of time, but believe me – You don’t.
  • Look for dirt piles and cardboard boxes. There are tons of them!
  • Dirt piles take longer to clean.
  • The cleaning slider at the bottom of the screen will show you if your progress is good or not.
  • Try to clean all the dirt once you see it. If you go until the end of the house and decide to come back to clean something, time might be a problem.

Level Guide:

Like in every standard house, you start with the lobby:


As you can see at the screenshot above – there are five dirty spots at this room. There are two cardboard boxes and three dust piles.

At the living room you now have 6 dirty spots. Two cardboard boxes on top of each other and one cardboard box lying on the chair.  There are two dirt piles on the floor and one more on the storage area on the top. This one might be a bit tricky. But you need to pass the top area to get to the kitchen anyway.


Next comes the kitchen with only 3 dirty spots: two card-boards and one dust pile under the kitchen table.


Room #4 is the bathroom :


There are 4 dirty spots in this room. But most of the players miss at least two of them.

There are two cardboard boxes hiding behind the shower curtains and one big cardboard box is actually in the bath. Remember to pay attention to little details .

The final room is the bedroom with six dirty spots. You might be in a real harry when you get here. Knowing you have some serious amount of dirt in the end, might come out to be very valuable.


And now for the main instruction for this game:

Clean the right way!

To actually be able to remove this dirty spots you need to jump over the cardboard box or the dust pile. Then press down arrow key to start cleaning.

You need to keep pressing it while the dirt spots start to disappear. If you stop pressing before it, the job is not done!

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