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This is a game genre not all players are familiar with. Unlike many other game genres cleaning games are not always look or feel similar to each other. Cleaning up the mess is something we all need to do one time or another. Getting used to the idea in a form of a game might be a good start.

The Focus:

The main goal of most cleaning games is to clean up the area in which the game is taking place in. The area can a be anything: a house, a room, a hangar, a street, planet earth, a spaceship or even something much more surrealistic. Some games don’t give you an environment to clean but focus on the self hygiene part of cleaning. Baby cleaning games are a good example for those.

Game Types:

Cleaning can come in lots of forms. This can be a static game with piles of mess where you need to rearrange things. It could be a platformer game where you need to run through space and collect messy things. It might even be a 3D FPS that focuses on cleaning instead of killing.

Who Would Enjoy Playing Cleaning Games?

Since cleaning games vary greatly they can suit lots of different players. There are specific cleaning games for girls, like house cleaning games or barbie cleaning games. FPS cleaning games are more suited for boys. There are tons of cleaning games that kids of both genders will enjoy.