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Carrot Slacking Charge – Office Slacking Game Walkthrough

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Carrot Slacking Charge, office slacking game’s objective is to help your carrot get through his office labor day in the most fun way without getting fired.



slacking-game-workerThere are two characters in this amusing office game. One is the persona of the office worker. That is the character you control and the one whose interests you have to consider when playing.

The other persona is carrot the boss, also called the carrot gangster by her workers.  She is very controlling.  She always feels the need to know what is going on in the office. She demands to know every detail about her workers activities. Obviously the workers are not fun of this controlling attitude and do not like her very much.


When you start playing you will notice a menu with 5 icons in the bottom of the game screen.


Those are the icons that will make your work days way less boring!

There are 4 different slacking activities you can do while in the office:

  1. slacking-game-points-for-slacking-paper-planePlay paper plane game. Once you click on the plane icon on the bottom menu, you will see a paper plane appear on the desk. You play it by swiping it with your mouse. The plane will lift and fly around the office, depending on your mouse movement direction and strength. You will get points for this slacking activity.


   slacking-game-paper-ball-activity2. Play paper ball game. This probably the best known and the most addicting office slacking activity. You get a paper ball and you have to throw it into the trash bin. You throw the ball by swiping on the screen.



slacking-game-chat 3. The third slaking activity is a social one. You have tons of fiends suffering at their offices at the same time. Click on the envelope icon to start chatting. You will see a chat window open.


 4. The fourth activity is great when you are really lazy. Click on the TV icon and then click on the TV screens on the wall to turn them on. You get points for every second.



 5. The fifth icon is the one that will help you keeping your job. Click the stop slacking activity icon when you feel your boss might notice you don’t do your work. It will stop your slacking activity and when your boss comes she will think things are working as she expects.


Have enjoyable working day and try not to get fired! Looking for a new job is not much fun!

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