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Carrot Hygienist – Dentist Game Walkthrough

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dentist-carrot-with-toothbrushThe objective of Carrot Hygienist dentist game is to brush as many teeth as you possibly can in a given time.


You play as Carrot Hygienist! That is your daily job, and you have only few minutes to complete it! The more clients you can brush at the given time the better score you get.


The game takes place at a dental lab. The dental lab is actually a human 3D mouth with some extensions (You will get it when you get there).

Every client that comes to the dental lab presents his teeth for brushing. Your work starts there!

The environment is very minimalist and only contains the items you actually need for the game.



To control your character you need to use the arrow keys and the space key on your keyboard.

Left and right arrow keys will control your left and right movement. Space key control the jumps.

Down arrow key is what makes you who you are! Once your press the down arrow key, your carrot hygienist pulls out his tooth brush and starts brushing.


dentist-carrot-with-toothbrush2What you need to know?

You need to find a place around the dirty spots on your teeth so the brush will be exactly on it when brushing.

You need to brush each spot for several seconds for it to disappear.

You need to remove all the dirty spots from each mouth to move on to your next client.

You need to jump or use your little platform to get. You need to push the platform from the back to get it to the desired place.


You have limited time. You can check out the clock at the top of the screen to see exactly how much.


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