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Carrot Baby Bath – Cleaning Game Walkthrough

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baby-cleaning-3The objective of Carrot Baby Bath cleaning game is to clean the baby carrot and to make the hall bath experience as pleasurable as it can possibly be for him.



Baby Carrot is the character you need to look after at this game. He is little but comes with lots of dirt after an active playground day.





You play in a colorful 3D bathroom environment. Your bathroom if fully equipped and has everything your baby could dream about.




No special controls for this game.  You will do great with simple clicks and drags.


The main focus of this game is cleaning your little carrot. You do it by grabbing the soap located on a shelf near the mirror (Click on it to grab it). Once you take the soap it will follow your mouse cursor. Clean your baby by dragging the soap over him. You will see bubbles appear. That is a good sign.



You can also notice that the longer you clean your baby, the more transparent the dirty spots on him become.




dirty-spots-proccessDo the cleaning until you are happy with the results.







Bath Extras:


  • You can add water by clicking on the shower.
  • You can add bubble spheres to the tab by clicking on them. There are different color options: green bubbles, yellow bubbles, pink bubbles and blue bubble balls as well. If you click on the empty pack you will get no bubble balls in the bath.





  • You can change the color of the water in the bath. Make it blue, pink or yellow.  The baby loves it!






baby-bath-2 baby-bath-3 baby-bath-





  • You can play with toys. Rescue rings, rubber ducks and rubber boats. Throw them around or add them to the bath just by dragging them.



  • You can use special soap and sprays to make the experience even more fun.Screenshot_17




  • Special soap does not reduce stain, but it has some special head effect.


  • shiny-clean-babyUse deodorant to make your baby glow from happiness.




  • Use the spray to make sure your baby has the best protection.






  • You can get the baby out from the bath by clicking on the bathroom curtain.


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