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Becoming a Game Designer- Is It Really Worth It?

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Have you ever dreamt about the endless possibilities of becoming a game designer? If you have ever taken note of the beautiful graphical display, as well as the engaging plotline inherent in a video game plotline, you understand the critical importance of a video game designer. As a video game designer, or video game animator, you would have the opportunity to create the games that you love to play, and take your original, innovative ideas, and transform them into reality. However, the reality of turning your game ideas into a tangible reality may not be as flexible as it initially seems. For example, while you may have a number of creative ideas that convey conventional norms, you may not be permitted to incorporate all of those ideas at all times.

Becoming a Game Designer

But how do you actually go about becoming a game designer? The first step to becoming a game designer is to consciously decide that you want this to be your career title and path. To be honest, many game designers do not receive the recognition that they deserve within their respective industries. They do not always have the most rewarding salaries, and they often work for several hours at a time, in spite of the minimal credit that they receive from others. Clearly, becoming a gamer requires great sacrifice and a genuine love for the field. You must spend hours upon end polishing the story lines of video games and much more.


Like all career choices, game design has its respective drawbacks. However, there are a number of positive benefits to selecting this career path, as well. In all honesty, game design entails the process of actually making games. You wield the power to create a piece of art, using your very own ideas. Furthermore, on many occasions, game designers are given a number of incentives, including very flexible work hours. You can also dress in the fashion that you deem fit.

 Where to Begin

You may be exceedingly driven about the idea of becoming a game designer. Even if this is true, you may not necessarily know where to begin. Although game design requires that you use your creative faculties, it is still a career at the end of the day. One of the first steps to becoming a game designer is to simply play any games. The more you play games, the more you acquaint yourself with what story-lines are deemed appealing, as well as the types of characters and plot developments that game players simply prefer. It is also very critical that you play games as frequently as possible, even the game that you do not particularly like. There is a reason for this. The more you play them, the more opportunities that you will have to analyze them. The more that you analyze them, the more in depth your overall understanding will be.

When you are playing a game, maintain an analytic perspective. Furthermore, entertain the following questions. What made the game entertaining? How is this game distinguished from others? What could this game have done differently? Which aspects of this game were particularly polished, and which parts of the game should have been more refined in some aspects? Answering questions such as these can put you in the right mindset for a career future in game design.

The next step in your career journey is to debrief yourself on the process of becoming a game designer, as well as the skills needed in order to succeed in this type of profession. Among many skills, a few of the most indispensable ones in the game design career path entail software design, computer graphics, as well as animation. There are a number of schools that cater to this particular speciality. Hence, becoming a game designer will require specializations in the area, as well as certifications at specific technical schools. This is a very specific field that requires a range of versatile skills sets. You must be able to integrate a critical eye for graphics, as well as software and much more.

 Necessary Skills

Video game design is not solely an artistic endeavor. In fact, some students of this discipline experience a few key drawbacks because they fail to master particular skills. For example, they might excel in the graphical elements of creating a video game, but they may struggle to master the technical computer skills that are needed. This is a multifaceted field that requires both a powerful imagination and well cultivated technical skills in order to proceed forward with a successful career.  For example, you will need to know game programming languages. The demand for this particular career field is growing in the United States and there is a growing need for these particular skills.

Getting started in your pursuits to become a video game designer begins with selecting the right school or internship. It is important to first note the video game designer education requirements, and to familiarize yourself with game design scholarships. For example, there are a number of different video game companies that provide specific students with the opportunity to develop their skills as interns. You can also gradually foster your skills by becoming a video game tester. A video game tester is an individual who is professionally paid to play video games to assess for quality, glitches, and the overall gaming experience. Doing this can acquaint you with the fundamentals of creating a great video game.

Different schools have different curriculums. You may note that UFC game design, university of Utah game design program, and USC game design are quite different.


Generally, the average salary of a video game designer ranges between $50,000 and $80,000. In rare cases, however, video game designers have managed to bring in as much as $200,000 but these cases were seldom reported. In some cases, the starting salary for video game designers is actually $37,000. Different factors can also increase pressure within the industry, such as when a new console is introduced to the public. When this occurs, video game designers are compelled to work harder than ever.

You must be intently passionate about this industry if you wish to excel in it. The average salary for a video game designer is not as high as one might expect. However, the rewards often outweigh the sacrifices, especially when a game designer gets to see his/her final product on store shelves. Video games continue to dominate their niche within the entertainment industry, and new consoles are always being introduced.

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