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Barrel Toss – Free 3D Challenge Game for IOS

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Toss all the barrels from the hangar before it is sealed. Each level requires logic, skill and force. The game is simple, very challenging and very addictive. Provides 3D experience.

Barrel Toss -Screenchot 2

Barrel Toss – Addictive 3D Challenge Game for IOS

Game Includes:

  • Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Real Physics Engine
  • Unique Levels with Increasing Difficulty
  • TOP Scores Board
  • Different Environments
  • Different Weapons to Choose From

You have to toss a specific amount of barrels on every level to proceed to the next one. Each level will present you with different obstacles sets, those together with a very limited amount of time and weapon will make each level more and more challenging to pass.

Barrel Toss -Screenshot 4

Addictive 3D Challenge Game for IOS

How To Play:

Each level you get a specific amount of barrels to toss. You have to keep tossing the barrels out of the hangar until you get 50 point on each level. Each time a new level set loads you get 10 shots. You have to use no more than those 10 shots to toss all the barrels out from the hangar. The hangar door is closing down as you play so you have to think and fire fast. Obstacles are making your job harder with every level.

  • Shoot by Tapping on the Red Launch Button at the Right Bottom  Corner of your Screen. Each Tap Equals One Shot.
  • The Left Bottom Round Pad  is the Joystick which controls your 3D movement in the Hangar. Drag it from the middle along the arrows and you will move.
  • Tilt your device to change the camera angle and by that the angle of your fire as well.

That’s all, you are good to go!

Hope you like the game! Reviews, comment, likes are very much appreciated.

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