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Play Animal Dentist – Free Dentist Games Online

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Play Animal Dentist – Free Dentist Games Online

Going to the dentist every few months is something all kids and adults must do in order to keep their smiles beautiful. How about animals? Who will take care their teeth?

Play Animal Dentist online game and help your animal friends have beautiful and healthy smiles.

The Game Levels:

Animal Dentist presents four game levels to play with. Each level has a different animal to take to the dentist’s office. You start the game by curing the teeth of a dog. Level 2 has lion waiting for dental care. At level 3  you get to help a monkey and at the final fourth level cat is waiting for your help.

How To Play?

Once you select your animal patient you will find yourself at the dentists’s sit. You get to play with all the dental equipment. You are the one in charge of your patient’s teeth. Be careful and try not to cause your patient too much pain.

Teeth Condition:

Each of your patients will have different dental problems. Some of their teeth will require simple brushing, other teeth will need an extensive brushing. Some teeth will need a real curing and some of the teeth will be so damaged that the only real help you can provide is by removing them.

Dental Equipment:

The tools you get to work with at the game are the tools you probably noticed each time you visited your dentist. You get to brush your animal’s teeth with a regular toothbrush. You also get a special brush for larger areas. Use the forceps to get rid of the damaged teeth. Don’t forget to put implants in place of those. Fight cavities with the drill head. Remove plague with the help of scaling tool.

Don’t forget to wash your patient’s mouth every once in a while.

Decoration Station:

Once you are done fixing and brushing your patient’s teeth you can offer him a more relaxing service- the decorating!  You can now color the teeth any color you like and add different decorations to each of the teeth.

Have fun and keep your animal happy!

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