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Play Alphattack – Free Online Typing Games

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Play Alphattack – Free Online Typing Games

Typing games are known to be the most fun way to improve keyboard abilities. Alphattack is an engaging typing game where players can get familiar with the keyboard and improve their typing skills in a colorful city attack game surroundings. Fast typing can save lots of damage.

Typing Goal:

The goal of this typing action game is to save the attacked cities from destruction. Bombs are being thrown instantly but you have the power to save the world.  Do you have what it takes to become the next typing hero?

Game Rules:

The rules are simple. You need to find the right keys on your keyboard before the bomb with the corresponding letter hits the ground. Once the bomb is down it destroys part of the city. Your city can only take a certain amount of destruction before it surrenders. The faster you find the letters the less damage will be caused.

Typing Game Environment:

The game takes place in different cartoon cities. The bomb attacks occur in different places and different day times. Once you save one attack point from destruction you get the opportunity to save another one.

Game Levels:

Alphattack game has 3 difficulty levels: Hard, Medium and Easy. Each difficulty level presents different attack speed and therefore the harder it is the faster you are expected to find the letters. Game difficulty also increases once you pass from one attack point to another. You might start easy but you will see that you are expected to show pretty high typing skills very soon.

Game Skills:

If you you feel that you don’t have the best typing skills in the world this game is for you! Kids can get familiar with the keyboard while adults can drastically improve their typing abilities. If you play Alphatack long enough, you will not have the need to look on the keyboard for typing. Learn touch typing by playing typing games.

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